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Your Scuba Swingers Hosts

Scuba Swingers is run by Jo and David (better known as JoJo and DirtyDavid). A swinging couple who are also keen travellers and scuba divers.

We love diving in warm waters, meeting new people and visiting new countries.

About Jo

  • Born 1971
  • Swinging since October 2000
  • Diving since 2002 (took a break from 2007 until 2014
  • PADI Dive Master
  • Keen underwater photographer

About David

  • Born 1956
  • Swinging on and off since 1974
  • Diving since 2000
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver
  • Keen photgrapher

Swingers Events

We ran Swingers Parties and Swingers Socials in the UK from 1997 to 2004, then in Spain we ran Swingers Parties, Socials and Swingers and Scuba Holidays from 2004 to the end of 2019.

In April 2020 we moved to Atlantic Canada and we will be starting Socials and Parties here sometime in 2021. See for details.

Our Profiles

Here are a few details about what we like and dislike in swinging.


  • JoJo
    My name is Joanne, but only my parents call me that.
    I am best known in the swinging scene as JoJo
  • I am Bi-sexual
    No longer bi curious.
    I like to play with women, but always want a guy or two to finish the session.
  • Cougar
    I prefer to play with younger guys, I keep an older model at home.
  • Hotwife
    Very happy to play away, like to go home all sticky to David and recount my adventures while we fuck.
  • Greedy Girl
    I am happiest when I am receiving the attentions of several young men.
  • Ever Ready
    Always shaven, I never wear underwear, always wet.
    Make me laugh, flirt with me and you will probably score.
  • Exhibitionist
    If I am in a skirt be brave and ask to see my pussy.
    If you have the balls to ask, you can feel me. lol
  • Smoker
    I gave up in October 2013, but started again in 2018.
  • Drinker
    I only drink once or twice a year! Vodka & Diet Coke.
  • Likes
    • Cum
      I love cum, in me, on me, everywhere.
    • Swallowing
      I Never spit, I hate wasting cum.
    • Bareback
      I prefer bareback as I love the feeling of cum inside me, If you want to use a condom, please remove it and shoot your load into my mouth, onto my tits or onto/into my open pussy.
    • Multiple Partners
      I love group sex.
    • Skilled Partners
      I like partners who know what they are doing.
  • Dislikes
    • Hairy Pubes
      I like my partners smooth.
    • Indecisive People
      I like my partner to take the lead.
    • Pushy People
      I like to be led or asked, not told what to do.
    • Condoms
      I don't like them.
      You can use one to fuck me, but remove it before you cum.
    • Wasted Cum
      Cum in my pussy, in my mouth, or on my open pussy lips, face or tits.
      Never cum in a condom or tissue.
    • Anal
      Not normally on the menu, I prefer oral or vaginal sex.
    • 30 second men
      Be a Gentleman, Make sure I cum before you do!


  • DirtyDavid
    Better known in the scene as DirtyDavid.
  • Straight
    But happy playing with a girl at the same time as other guys. Happy to fuck sloppy seconds.
  • Un-shockable
    After over 45 years in the scene there is not much that he has not seen, or that will offend him.
  • Anal
    David is not keen on potting the brown, he much prefers to pot the pink.
  • Long Stayer
    Loves to lick and fuck until his partner is sated.
  • Voyeur
    I love watching Jo playing with groups of guys.
  • Non Smoker
    I gave up in 1979.
  • Drugs
    Tried them, didn't like them, never use them.
  • Drinker
    I drink either Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay or Lagers.

We are Swingers, Not escorts

YES, there is a huge difference!

Some people seem to be under the impression that swingers will have sex with anyone and everyone they meet, this is not true.

Escorts, Call Girls and other Prostitutes have sex with anyone who pays their price.

  • Swinger or Escort?
    The differences are simple.
    • Swingers have sex with other people for fun and never accept cash for sex.
    • Escorts have sex with other people for payment.
    • No-one at our parties is paid to have sex with our guests.
    • No-one at our parties is allowed to charge another guest for sex.
    • If you are asked for money for sex please tell us and we will ask the person to leave the party.
  • Most Swingers are Choosy
    • Few swingers will play if there is no attraction. (exceptions are in events such as dogging, gang bangs and bukakke's)
    • Most swingers don't just play with anyone.
    • Swingers are very happy to play with people who appeal to them either visually, physically or mentally.
  • Guaranteed Sex?
    Sorry, there are no guarantees that you will get laid at a swingers event.
    • Coming to us for a swingers party does not guarantee that you will have sex with us or any other guests.
    • If you and we hit it off, then we will play with you.
    • If you and another guest find each other attractive then you are welcome to play.
    • No-one is obliged to play with you unless they want to.
    • If another guest tells you No at any time you must stop, whatever you are doing.
    • In the swinging scene No always means NO or STOP
    • No never means Yes or Maybe or try again later. It always and only ever means NO.

To find out much more about us and to see lots of pictures of us in action with friends check out, our free picture website.

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