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What happens at a Swingers Party?

Basically everyone has a lot of sex and a lot of fun!.

Parties usually start the same as any other house party. People get a drink and stand or sit around and chat to each other.

The difference is the topic of the conversations, most conversations revolve around sex.

You may encounter some naked or semi naked people around the house, you will be getting appraising looks from the other guests as they work out if they are interested in playing with you.

Later, where people at a normal house party may sneak off for a sneaky fumble with the neighbour without their partners knowledge, at a swingers party it is assumed that you will be heading to a bedroom with someone other than, or as well as, your normal partner.

After you return from playing, you can grab another drink and find another willing partner.

The simple rules are:

  • Dresscode
    Wear something sexy but comfortable: Women tend to wear sexy party dresses or lingerie, sometimes they end up walking around naked later; Men wear smart trousers and shirt, then strip down to party underwear or naked later.
  • Playrooms
    We are limited on the number of playrooms. Unless you are into private play, please leave the door open. This allows other to come in and watch and maybe play. If you don't want a person to play with you simply say "No" when they attempt to join in.
  • Manners
    If a couple/group leave a playroom door open it means that they are open to other watching or joining them.
    Please do not stand in the room and talk. Watch and if you are interested in joining in, start to caress one of the players. If they are happy for you to join them they will allow you to continue. If they do not want you to play at this time they will tell you "No".
  • No always means NO!
    In the swinging scene No always means NO.
    It never means OK carry on
    It never means I may change my mind
    It always means stop immediately. Failing to stop means that you will be committing a sexual assault. We report sexual assault to the police.
    A person is allowed to say No at anytime, even in the middle of intercourse.
  • Safe Sex
    We do not enforce a safe sex rule. It is up to each person playing to decide if they are going to use protection. If you are playing with someone and they want to use protection, use it.
  • Accept Rejection Gracefully
    In the swinging scene people only play with people they find attractive at that moment.
    This can mean that if someone you fancy the pants off does not feel the same about you, they don't have to play with you.
    It can mean that someone you played with at a party last week does not want to play with you this week.
    It could be that they have already made arrangements to play with someone else, your luck may change later in the evening
    Don't persist in trying to bed them, accept that your luck is out on this occasion and move on.
    You will not get the person to change their mind and by persisting you may put them off playing with you at a future event.
  • Don't be a Wallflower
    Sitting by yourself watching a blue movie or drinking alone is not going to win you friends.
    If you don't know people we will try and introduce you when you arrive, but we cannot hold your hands all night.
    Try to make conversation with people. Smile at people when they look at you, they are as curious about you as you are about them.
  • Have Fun
    Everyone is at a swingers party for the same reason - they want to get laid by someone different on the night.
  • No SCAT or Pissing Games
    Unless the party has been advertised to involve these fetishes. Parties are usually held in private homes, people have to sleep in the beds afterwards and all the guests need access to use the bathroom. If you are a squirter please put a towel on the bed before play. Once a mattress is wet the other guests have one less place to play and the hosts have a stinking wet mattress to replace.